Monday, 12 December 2011


AZERTY is a specific blueprint for the characters of the Latin alphabet on typewriter keys and computer keyboards. The blueprint takes its name from the aboriginal six belletrist to arise on the aboriginal row of alphabetical keys. Like the German QWERTZ layout, it is modeled on the English QWERTY layout, and it is acclimated by best French speakers based in Europe, admitting France and Belgium anniversary accept their own civic variations on the layout. The French speaking allotment of Switzerland uses the Swiss QWERTZ keyboard. Best of the citizens of Quebec, the French-speaking arena of Canada, use a QWERTY keyboard that has been acclimatized to the French language, although the government of Quebec and the Canadian federal government agree and use the Multilingual Standard keyboard CAN/CSA Z243.200-92.123

The aggressive layouts devised for French (the ZHJAYSCPG blueprint put advanced in 1907, Claude Marsan’s 1976 layout, the 2002 Dvorak-fr and the 2005 Bépo layout) accept won alone bound recognition

Dead keys

A asleep key serves to adapt the actualization of the abutting appearance to be typed on the keyboard. Asleep keys are mainly acclimated to accomplish accents (or diacritics) on vowels.

Circumflex accent

A circumflex emphasis can be generated by aboriginal arresting the ^ key (located to the appropriate of P in best AZERTY layouts), again the beat acute the emphasis (with the barring of y). For example, acute '^' again 'a' produces 'â'.


A diaeresis can be generated by arresting the ¨ key (in best AZERTY layouts, it is generated by accumulation the Maj + ^ keys), again the beat acute the accent. For example, acute '¨' again 'a' produces 'ä'.

Alt key

With some operating systems, the Alt key generates characters by agency of their alone codes. In adjustment to admission characters, the Alt key charge be apprenticed and held

down while accounting the accordant cipher into the numeric keypad.

On Linux, the alt key gives absolute admission to French accent appropriate characters. The ligatures œ and æ can be keyed in by application either Alt Gr + o or Alt Gr + a respectively, in the fr-oss keyboard layout; their high case equivalents can be generated application the aforementioned key combinations additional the French Shift key. Other advantageous punctuation symbols, such as ≤, ≥, or ≠ can be added calmly accessed in the aforementioned way.